The “MusekKINDMITRsgaart” (=musical garden) is  for children aged 0 to 3 years. The aim is to familiarise not just children but also their parents, grandparents or carers to musical play.


In fact, children are most motivated to sing when parents sing for them. No CD or teacher can replace the parent’s role model. That way children have the opportunity to explore and initiate music without any pressure.

Every child is musical!


Every child has the inate abilty to sing and move to rhythm. The earlier children are exposed to music, musical instruments and the athmosphere that music can create, the more likely it is for children to want to make music independently.

  • Music is an ideal way for families to bondGRUPPEWI
  • Singing to a newborn or small child is the most beautiful way to soothe.

  • Making music is a fun activity.